• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Journey of Soul: the Search for Power

    His brothers can control fire.His sisters can manipulate water.His best friend can speak to bears.And all he has, is his dream. Phillip Jones’ one dream is to become the world’s greatest soldier but in a world where everyone can do supernatural things, it’s tough being one of those who cannot. However, when he finds out about an ancient tree that can grant him his very own ability, he goes AWOL in Search for Power. Now he must escape the team that has been sent to bring him back and battle the enemy that desires the very same thing he does otherwise he will never grow to become the greatest. If you enjoy epic fantasy maps, military soldiers, deep plots with multiple contenders, dragons and other mythical creatures, then click the BUY button and follow Phillip’s Journey of Soul! What do the reviews say?-> “I highly recommend this book. The storyline is strong and the character development is SOLID!”-> “I read it over two and a half days staying up till 1am to finish. The scenes were structures so good and the plot is awesome!”-> “It pulled together as a great start to what I’m sure will be an epic series. As the series moves on, I’m sure the world will be well flushed in each readers mind!” ALSO AVAILABLE: In the book is a link to another book to be received, COMPLETELY FREE! Read more