• Young Adult

    Trinity – The Prophecy: Trinity Series #1

    “If monsters are real, that makes me the biggest monster of all.” Not all paths are set in stone, but for Trinity, fate will pave its way.With her eighteenth birthday approaching, the only things Trinity was concerned about was leaving her dreaded home and going to college with her best friends. But a prophecy foretold thousands of years before her birth is about to come into play. ‘A time will come when the final descendent will rise, and you will be forced out of hiding. On the first hour of her eighteenth birthday, she will be scratched by the beast. In the final hour, bitten by the monster.’The road to adulthood has never been easy, but Trinity’s is beset with secrets and lies, warring worlds, and impossible choices. Yet there is one choice that will change everything: will she become the beast or the monster? Read more