• Young Adult

    The Mad Scientist Aptitude Test – Kindle Single: Book 2 : Torn Curtains Series

    “I wanted to become a scientist. But not just any scientist. A mad scientist.” For Betty Sue Collins, being a doctor would never be enough. While her parents dream of their daughter saving for medical school, Betty has a deep desire to join her tortured misfit heroes and turn her intelligence into imperium. A waitress in a wig, Betty’s life isn’t exciting, but when she saves enough to take the Blessmenthol Scale Mad Scientist Aptitude test, she finds that there’s more mad science than she could have ever imagined. Now, with a list of tasks to complete, Betty seems to be chasing a dream that’s only getting further away. If she doesn’t pass the test, she may never be the kind of scientist that she has always dreamed of being – but if she does, she may never be the person she once was. Would you have what it takes to be a mad scientist? You’ll never know, if you don’t take the test… Read more