• Historical Fiction

    Summer Vaughn (Haruki Arima)

    Summer. Sheltered. Awkward. Kind. Maybe even a little naive. That’s me, but all I want is to fit in—to be normal. And normal girls my age have boyfriends, hang out with their friends after school, and care about things other than straight A’s. So when my best friend asks my long-time crush for his number and hands it to me, I about faint. My overprotective mom flips out if I even mention a boy, so if she hears me talking to one, she’ll probably ground me for life… but it’s just one phone call. One long beautiful call that turns into a lot of daily phone chats and a secret relationship. So secret, in fact, my crush doesn’t even know about it. It takes one kiss to burst my bubble and clear up the haze of first love. The only thing worse than being silly enough to think I’m in a relationship with the hottest guy in school? Being bullied by my best friend, who was just gathering evidence to ruin me. Read more