• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Android Chronicles: Origins

    Clever android develops a moral sense in defiance of her creator. Before Synthia Cross is “Reborn” as a highly advanced android, creator Jeremiah Machten makes her steal to help him improve her. He sets her goals to obey orders to steal a sophisticated empathy chip to enhance her social skills. He hopes the chip will let her love him as a human might. A growing moral sense causes her to fight back. Can she stop him and escape his control over her? Find out where the adventure begins… If you like Michael Crichton, A. G. Riddle, Robert J. Sawyer, or Hugh Howey, check out Android Chronicles. “sci-fi writing that would make Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein proud and fans of HBO’s Westworld thrilled.” —Jon Land, USA Today–bestselling author on Reborn, the first novel in the series. This thriller novelette is the first prequel to Android Chronicles: Reborn.