• Horror

    I Am Justice: A Will Carson Thriller

    I Am Justice is the first book in the Will Carson crime thriller series. In a fish market shed in Apollo Bay, a young woman is found murdered—bound and savagely mutilated. Once a beauty, she’s now barely recognizable, and with a message carved into her stomach, but who is it for? Melbourne Homicide Detectives Carson, a former criminal profiler for the FBI, and his partner Declan are tasked with figuring it out before the killer strikes again. And he will—because to him, murder is more than just the killing, it is justice. As more victims show up, and the kidnapping, torturing, and mutilation show no sign of stopping, Carson and Declan are thrown into a whirlwind of inconceivable evil; a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a sadistic psychopath. As Carson struggles to link the seemingly random victims and their locations, the killer calmly plans his next move. If you enjoy fast-paced, violent, police procedurals with a curious cliff hanger and something a little outside the usual American or British settings, then you’ll love this first instalment in Lara Coates’s page-turning series.