Harry Potter Cocktail Cookbook: The Best Recipe Book For Amazing Magical Drinks

    Do you love the Harry Potter books and all their weird and wonderful characters? Do you enjoy making amazing cocktails as well? With this book you can combine them for amazing results! Harry Potter is a character that has made millions of people of all ages happy with outlandish stories, books, films, stage plays and tons of other merchandise. But imagine turning some of Harry’s spells into delicious cocktails that you could then serve to friends at a Harry Potter themed party or at a barbecue or other event? This book, Harry Potter Cocktail Cookbook: The Best Recipe Book to Create Amazing Magic Drinks, will show you how to make some stunning drinks that everyone will enjoy, including things like: Polyjuice potion Flitwick’s favorite drink Amortentia The Lord Voldemort Minerva McGonagall The Lucius Malfoy Grand Ginger Cocktail And lots more… With dozens to choose from and covering all sorts of alcoholic drinks from whisky to champagne, Harry Potter Cocktail Cookbook has something for every taste and will make your magical party go with a bang. Each recipe includes the ingredients you will require, plus the method for making the drink. All are simple to do and take just minutes, so you can get the party started as soon as possible. Scroll up and click Add to Cart for your copy now!