Keto Copycat Recipes: a Cookbook With 600 Easy, Healthy and Tasty Dishes to Cook Foods from Your Favorite Restaurants At Home. Tips and Tricks and a Meal Plan the Ketogenic Way!

    Do you want to go on a diet but don’t want to give up going out? Do you find lifestyle changes difficult?  Is your body changing without your permission? Follow me… I am a sucker for dining out at Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Cheesecake Factory and other restaurants but in the long run this lifestyle made me feel uncomfortable with my body. I didn’t recognize myself anymore but at the same time, I couldn’t give up the dinners out. So, I started to think that replicating certain dishes was not compatible with a keto diet but I was wrong! Those dishes with the diet I wanted to undertake had a logical connection. So I started experimenting, trying to imitate, documenting myself on the right techniques to use and each time I felt closer and closer to those dream dishes. I got so close that I began to fall in love with their authentic aroma and flavor that they transmitted. Preparing and cooking at home with determination and the desire to be able to present those famous dishes to my guests without weighing them down, gave me a great feeling. My effort paid off and having a keto diet on the home menu is exciting me.These dishes have become part of my lifestyle and daily habits, even my body is benefiting so much that I share this huge success with many people. So, I decided to involve you in this culinary experience of mine by writing down all the recipes I have tried in this book. The spices, seasonings, and fresh ingredients have been selected with maniacal precision to live up to the expectation. You can’t expect better from a health nut.I wanted to focus and put myself in the shoes of young and old, healthy and unhealthy, people who have particular diseases and all this led me to study every single detail of these recipes.What will you find in this cookbook?– The first approach to diet – How to relate to this type of diet.– 600 Keto recipes studied and tested in the kitchen – SNACKS AND SPARKLING APPETIZER-BREAKFAST RECIPES-LUNCH RECIPES-DINNER RECIPES-TASTY SWEETS-SUMPTUOUS SANDWICHES-DESSERT RECIPES-DRINKS-COFFEE AND CAPPUCCINO-SOUP RECIPES-SALAD-SAUCES AND DIPS-BREAD AND PIZZAS-VEGETARIAN RECIPES-POULTRY AND FISH.– 30 days meal plan ★★IT’S NOT OVER HERE!!!★★With this book you will no longer need to run out looking for your favorite restaurant, now, the lunch and dinner you’ve been looking for is on your table. No more fixed thoughts like, “HOW DID THEY MAKE A MEAL LIKE THIS?” Now it’s there, balanced, tasty and ready to satisfy your palate as always. Only the location changes!!! Isn’t it fantastic?IMAGINE WHAT THEY WILL THINK OF YOU, NOW THAT EVERYTHING IS PRESENTED LIKE A PRO!Click the “Buy Now” button today and make a difference in your knowledge. Read more