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    In Grandpaw’s Pawprints : A Story of Loss, Life, and Love

    In this story, Bethany the Bear’s beloved Grandpaw dies — and she feels very sad and lost. With the help of her friends, Bethany learns that she can celebrate the life of her Grandpaw by sharing his special qualities with others. By following in Grandpaw’s pawprints, she can carry on and expand the mark he left on the world. On her journey toward healing, Bethany discovers that Grandpaw’s love is still with her. . . AND IT NEVER LEFT! In Grandpaw’s Pawprints is written by licensed therapist, Lauren Mosback, who specializes in child and adolescent therapy. This uplifting book explores the emotional side of losing someone who was close to you and presents themes of friendship, encouragement, healing, growth, and love. Helpful Resource Section included: Suggested Activities that Offer Hope and Encouragement, and Tools and Tips for Parents and Adult Caregivers on Discussing Grief and Loss. Read more