• Romance

    Poison : A Romantic Suspense Novel (Seaclusion Series Book 1)

    On the run from her violent ex-husband, Cassie Reeves will do anything to keep her son safe, even if it means turning to a man she betrayed a decade ago. John Tyler now hates her as much as he once loved her–but Cassie has no choice. John’s quiet life as a small town doctor in Seaclusion, Washington has no place in it for the woman he turned his back on ten years ago. But when Cassie and her son land on his doorstep, he can’t turn them away. The longer she stays, though, the harder it is to remember why he stopped loving her. With her ex-husband closing in, Cassie soon realizes that only she can end what he has started. And as John and Cassie’s mutual attraction reignites, she vows to do anything to protect her son and grab the happiness that has escaped her for so long. **Please be warned that this book contains profanity, sexual situations and mature content matter. Mature audiences ONLY** No CliffhangersThe Seaclusion Series Recommended Reading OrderPoisonNotoriousSecretsSeclusion
  • Romance

    River’s End : A Small Town Romance (River’s End Series Book 1)

    Stranded. Broke. Broken.She has no one and nothing.And now she has to trust him.Trust this place.Trust him with her secret.Her shame.Her heart.Her very last chance… When Erin Poletti pulls her car into the thousand acre Rydell River Ranch in River’s End, Washington, looking to stay with her hated brother Chance, she never intends for it to be anything more than a pit stop on the way to the rest of her life. After her mother’s suicide, Erin has no choice but to seek out her brother where he works as a ranch hand, as she is left penniless, homeless and for reasons she will share with no one; without the basic skills to navigate her life. Ranch owner Jack Rydell watches her pull onto his ranch and knows that trouble has come to his ranch, his three brothers, his two sons, and most of all: to himself. Erin has a short lived relationship with Jack’s youngest brother until circumstances eventually leave Erin nearly destitute on the ranch, and finally reveals the secret Erin has desperately hidden. And only then, does Jack finally begin to know the woman whose presence has so altered his life. Eventually, Erin finds a job, and starts to work with Jack and his horses in order to repay the debts she feels she owes him. But the longer Erin is there Jack begins to wonder if he can resist the woman he now knows, despite everything that stands between them. No cliffhangers. All books can be read as Standalone.***Warning: This book contains profanity, sex and mature content matter. Mature audiences ONLY.*** Recommended Reading Order For The River’s End Series:River’s EndRiver’s EscapeRiver’s ReturnRiver RoadRiver on FireRiver’s LostRiver of ChangeRiver’s DestinyRiver’s RescueRiver’s WinterRiver in DarknessRiver in LightRiver in the Mountains