• Romance

    The Ranch Lovers (The Ranch Lovers series Book 1)

    Life can be picky, giving privilege to some people while others don’t end up so lucky. The latteris true for Adriana Norman. Any time she tries to show love and concern to a man, she ends upburned. More than once has she witnessed her relationship fall apart—no matter how hard shetries to keep them going. She seems to have every luxury in life. A furnished home. Exotic car.Designer clothes. But life hasn’t been fair to her when it comes to love, even as she makes it toher forties. When the news of her granny’s illness reaches Adriana, she thought it wise to leavethe urban city and give the ranch a chance for her to heal herself from failed relationships.While still taking care of her granny, she finds a different kind of comfort—one that’s hard tofind on the chest of a man. Adriana settles there to give her life another U-turn, another reason tolive. A life far from men with no dignity.Phil has also experienced the unfairness of life. At age forty, his parents, the Kennedys, do notsee a glimmer of hope for his future. They mock him for his failures but Phil cares less. He hasmade up his mind to be a cowboy mechanic—the last occupation his parents expected from theirson. He thought he had a good marriage with his Evelyn, but with time, following Evelyn’s lossof hope in him, Phil ponders why his life is filled with loopholes of distrust and disappointment.Unconcerned parents. Dwindling relationships. Unexpected events. It all becomes sodiscouraging to him that he is left with no other option but to leave his parents and his wifeEvelyn, who now tries to get attention from other m