• Paranormal

    Blood of a Promise: A Forbidden Witch Romance (Kings of Sterling Book 1)

    The laws are simple for witches and vampires: Falling in love is forbidden.  As interim Regent to the witches of Sterling, Chelsea Greaves has an image to maintain and laws to uphold. But it didn’t stop her from breaking the most sacred order and falling in love with a vampire. If they’re caught in a torrid affair, the witches will have her hung and burned. It’s him, or the witches—and her fear is calling the shots.  Lucien Frost always had it all as a King of Sterling. Except the girl. He spent the better part of a decade in limbo with Chelsea, and each time he watched her walk away, he lost a part of himself. But when the line is finally crossed, and Chelsea’s secrets revealed, he questions whether she’s worth more heartbreak—or if it’s time to walk away for good.  When the cost of falling in love is death, will Lucien and Chelsea risk all to follow their hearts, or will they call it quits to save themselves? If you love fast-paced forbidden paranormal romance, vampire alphas, and sassy heroines, then you’ll love this refreshing new twist on witches and vampires in the first in the Kings of Sterling series.