Traded: a Vampire King Paranormal Romance

    ★★★”Cinderella meets True Blood!”★★★ The first rule of vampires is: there’s no such thing as vampires.  But seeing is believing… Audrina’s wicked stepmother mortgaged their family home beyond reach. Gorgeous billionaire Gabriel Dalca comes to evict them—but when he meets Audrina, he offers a deal. If she pretends to be his girlfriend for a society wedding, he’ll forgive the debt. He’ll protect her little sister.  If it sounds too good to be true… Gabriel brings Audrina to a dark, dangerous underworld she never knew existed. She’s the target of hungry vampires who obsess over her virgin blood. The other problem? She can’t stop thinking about the strapping Vampire King himself. Still, Audrina’s determined to hold up her end of the bargain and return to her sister.  But before she knows what’s happening, Gabriel’s rewriting the contract.  That’s what happens when you make a deal with the devil… Sexy vampire romance with twists and turns. No cheating. Cliffhanger. Books 2 and 3 are available now! Previously published under the pen name “Tori Leigh.” Read more

    Silicon Valley Billionaires: Book 1: Silicon Valley Billionaires Trilogy

    Two Headstrong, Driven CEOs. One Undeniable, Scorching Attraction. Being a scientist gives Lauren Taylor a purpose in life. At twenty-five, she’s the CEO of a billion-dollar biomedical company, Paragon Laboratories. On the brink of a major discovery, Lauren lets nothing interfere with her work. The only thing she’s not prepared for? Her overwhelming attraction to Gabriel Betts, the gorgeous and brilliant CEO of another Silicon Valley startup. Lauren is a virgin, and billionaire Gabriel Betts is anything but… Gabriel Betts is a successful scientist in his own right. He’s made his way in the world by being an early adopter and never losing focus. Captivated by Lauren’s brilliance and unselfconscious beauty, he’s determined to win the reclusive female CEO over. But what neither Gabe nor Lauren expects is the white-collar danger that’s lurking in Silicon Valley… The danger that threatens not only their companies, but their very existence. Sexy romantic suspense with a virgin and her alpha-billionaire counterpart! Read more