• Horror

    Awfully Appetizing (The Corpse-Eater Saga Book 1)

    Walter Keppler is a quiet, private man. He lives in a trailer park at the edge of town, and is working hard to pay off the startup loan he needed for his funeral home. In his spare time, he likes to camp, fish, and eat roadkill.Walter Keppler is a ghoul, raised by humans. He’s one of the many monsters who calls the town of Collinswood Colorado home, but he’s spent most of his life struggling against his darker nature, and trying to stay as far away from the rest of the creatures of the night as he possibly can.Unfortunately, they’re not willing to stay away from him. After an attempt on his life, Walter must abandon his quiet life and embroil himself in a world of blood, violence, and political intrigue. And somewhere in all of that, he needs to buy his mother a birthday present.