Candy the Sweet Elfairy – a North Pole Christmas Adventure: a Christmas Rhyming Book

    A delightful, Christmas holiday book for kids that captures the essence of Christmas, reminding each of us that the holiday spirit thrives on kindness, friendship, teamwork, determination, and the magic of belief! For the first time in the history of the North Pole, everyone will discover one of Santa’s most cherished secrets; the magical, winged elves he lovingly calls ‘Little Elfairies’. They work tirelessly with Santa to ensure Christmas dreams and wishes come true. Candy is one of Santa’s five special Elfairies at the North Pole. With delicate, shimmering wings and a heart full of joy, she is known as Santa’s ‘Sweet’ Elfairy. Candy has a cute and playful pet named Peppermint, who is a lovable snow bear with wings. They are known in the North Pole as snow bearies. Together, they soar through the frosty skies, sprinkling their sweet magic wherever they go. The maker of delectable sweets, Candy always adds a dash of magic to the season. On this special night of Christmas Eve, she prepares a secret treat to keep Santa awake and energized for this special worldwide journey. However, there’s a mischievous elf in the North Pole named Selfish, and he lives up to his name all too well. Selfish loves Christmas so much that he tries to spoil it for everyone else. On this frosty and festive night, he spots Candy’s secret ingredient and driven by his selfish desires, he steals it. As they race against time, Candy and Peppermint follow clues and recover the precious secret ingredient ensuring that Christmas remains as sweet as ever! Visit www.santaslittleelfairies.com and keep a look out for which Elfairy characters Santa will reveal next in the book series; ‘Santa’s Little Elfairies’! Read more