• Romance

    POWER (Book 1)

    She just wanted to rule his heart. She may end up ruling the world… I used to be a spoiled princess, a diva whose life revolved around clothes and expensive trips. Worth fifty million dollars only half a year ago, now I'm down to living on pennies. My life turned upside down, when my father was charged for a crime he didn't commit; a bomb explosion that took the lives of twelve people in the heart of Los Angeles. Hope comes in the form of a gorgeous billionaire and a deal I have no alternative but to accept. Ethan Koenig, a mysterious businessman I haven't heard of before, offers me a helping hand that comes with conditions…conditions that send fear into my heart and delicious shivers down my body. Suspiciously familiar with my father's case, Ethan leads me toward dark secrets that go way beyond the bomb explosion. With each new revelation, I realize the man who's helping me might be the one behind it all. By the time I try to escape, it's too late. My heart is irrevocably lost to the man whose one and only purpose in life is to take revenge on my family. For Mature Audiences Only!