• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    Hyperspace Outlaws: A Space Opera Adventure (Galactic Core Book 1)

    Holding a galaxy together ain’t easy, especially when that galaxy is out to kill you. Doug Lancer is on the run. When the peace-keeping military known as the Federation and the law-enforcing Galactic Rangers join forces, forming the Galactic Empire, things quickly go south, especially for anyone not on-board. Hunted by his former brothers, Lancer is reduced to bounty-hunting to survive. When his path crosses with an ex-imperial fighter pilot fleeing the Empire, things get even worse. Can he stick to his convictions and oath as a Ranger, or will he fold under the pressure? And how can he and the band of outlaws he teams with hope to stand up to a galaxy-spanning empire without getting blown to space debris? Blaster bolts and spaceships tear across the galaxy in Hyperspace Outlaws. Fans of Outlaw Star, Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Wars, and the Galaxy’s Edge series will love this romp through hyperspace on the trail of a few outlaws just trying to do right. Well…most of them. Grab your copy today! Read more