• Young Adult

    Remnant: A Post-Pandemic Dystopian Tale (Short Stories and More)

    A global pandemic changes everything. What happens next? This is the first-person survival journal of Remy and his younger sibling after the fourth wave of this disease has swept the United States, and possibly the world. This YA (Young Adult) sci-fi adventure is told in a journal form as Remy leads Micah through different survival camps on the way to a safe haven, all the while keeping a secret that could mean the difference in their survival. Reviewers are saying:“A story of pure desperation as an epidemic or war destroys most of civilization and people are just trying to survive any way they can. Very short, fast reading, with good tips, warnings and “everything will be okay.”” “It’s a very well-written and unique story.” “Intriguing, dystopian survival story – quick read, can’t wait for Part 2!” Don’t wait, Download it now! Read more
  • Young Adult

    Perpetual: A Hard Sci-Fi Future Tech Novelette (Short Stories and More)

    We found the ultimate renewable energy source: ourselves. I’m a perp. When I got older and actually cared about history, I found out that wasn’t a name people were proud to have a few decades ago, but most people today are perps. It’s short for ‘perpetual.’ We wear collectors that harness the power created by our movement. It’s so normal now it’s hard to imagine a world without them. When humanity exhausted the resources of Earth, we had to resort to harnessing energy in a different way. And of course, the worst kinds of people will find ways to exploit and cheat. They are called siphoners, and that’s what they do, steal the energy we work so hard for. My plan is to collect as much as I can and make the trip to Mecha, the best-paying bank in North America. At this rate, I’ll never be able to get mom and Anise the care they need; there’s no cure for Ohm’s disease, but that won’t stop me from doing everything I can to help them. I can’t let anything get in my way: no relationships, no selfish upgrades, nothing. Maybe you care too. Want to hear more about my story? Download it now! (now available in audio and paperback) Perpetual is the first-person account of Nash as he struggles to survive in a world that is falling apart. Power is so hard to find or create now that people now wear collectors to turn their everyday movements into energy that they can sell back to energy banks. Nash meets mysterious stranger, Shae, in a safehaven power-collecting park. They stumble upon something that will change both of their lives forever, if they can trust each other. Download it now (and follow M. Lacey’s author profile for new releases). Read more