Demon of Desire: Bwwm Paranormal Romance

    She falls in love with the demon who wants to kill her. Sloan moves in with her uncle years after the gruesome and unexplained murder of her parents. In New York, she meets an intriguing older man that she falls hard for. Que in the eighteen year old teen rebellion. Sloan sneaks around with Kellan, lying to the people trying to protect her not knowing that her life is in danger. Kellan can’t help the odd attraction he feels for a stranger he just met. That is until he recognizes who she is and what attracts him is the mark he left on her. Shocked that she survived the attack on her family, he starts hunting her once more. What he doesn’t expect are the human feelings that he starts having for her. He is determined to have her one way or another, even if it means dragging her down to hell with him. Jake is part of the New York coven of Demon Hunters. He falls in love with Sloan the moment he lays his eyes on her. He also know the man she has been sneaking around with. Jake does whatever he can to get rid of Kellan even though he is no match for the centuries old demon. He is determined to save the girl he loves, even if she doesn’t love him back. Read more