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    Inspiring Stories for Amazing Girls: A Motivational Children’s Book About Self-Confidence, Kindness and Courage to Raise Brave Worry-Free Girls

    Do You Know Why You Are as You Are? Look at you…at your lovely face, your pure voice, your sweet smile… Do you think anyone can be so wonderful? You’re kind, you’re smart, you’re important. Like a warm fireplace that cheers up people next to it and warms their hearts… No one like you is just like you! But even a lovely little soul like you will face the rainy days that life sooner or later presents you. You need to be prepared for the struggles that it will bring you. You may think that you’re less than others, that you’re not strong enough, and that’s why you might let yourself get down during challenges along the way. But remember…you’re unique, special, and precious…’cause you’re the only one in this Universe! And just the girls in the book, you’ll face with bravery several challenges along the road. Like them, you’ll develop the self-confidence needed to overcome the most difficult obstacles, you’ll find the courage to face your fears and you’ll accept yourself just the way you are. This is the perfect collection of stories for: Feeding self-esteem, becoming more confident, and always finding courage; Enhancing the friendship value and protecting the gift of kindness; Revealing her personality with inner strength and developing a perseverance attitude; Sit on the couch, stand between your parents and read aloud these tales, you’ll be entertained by them and will teach you good morals and values. Don’t miss the final “What I’ve Learned From This Story” page at the end of each one and the self-affirmation sentence to get the message’s value of the story. This book will support the girl for: Asking for help openly and talking about her feelings Increasing her confidence in her parents and having more dialogue Reacting to struggles and defending against the wickedness Knowing herself better and following her dreams Believing more in herself and facing the challenges of life This is the best book gift idea for little girls to make for a birthday, supporting her during her growth or simply to let her know that you think and love her! Let Your Princess Grow with Successful Beliefs! Buy Her a Copy! Read more