• Horror

    The Dark Offerings: The Evil Inside (Prequel)

    An ancient relic, a sinister spirit, and the Nazi’s secret plan to turn the tide of the war. The end of the war is within sight, and Major Josef Hasse dreams of finishing his duty and slipping away to wait out the German’s defeat in the quiet of southern Bavaria. But when the Nazis force Hasse and his men to accompany them on a top-secret mission in search of a strange artefact, he quickly finds himself tangled up in a sinister plot with supernatural implications. Driven by their hopes of replenishing the Third Reich’s depleted coffers, the Nazis have their eyes set on the long-lost Spear of Destiny – an ancient relic with connections to a powerful otherworldly force. Hasse has no time for ghosts, but the honor-bound Major swallows his dislike of the Nazis long enough to follow orders. But after an unexplainable series of events strikes their company, he begins to uncover the disturbing truth behind the legends… and he realizes they’re meddling with a horrifying evil beyond their darkest nightmares. With the Nazis preparing a gruesome sacrifice and the Allies closing in on all sides, Hasse is faced with an impossible choice – to redeem his honor and make enemies of his own countrymen, or to stand by and allow a terrifying evil escape into the world. The Dark Offerings is a chilling horror fiction novella that invites readers to witness a disturbing and eerily supernatural tale like no other. Perfect for fans who love sinister demonic stories with hair-raising suspense and brooding evil, the frightful prequel to The Evil Inside series is for you. Scroll up and grab your copy now. Read more