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    The Evicted Church: Living as the Church in the Age of Covid

    In the midst of a global pandemic, churches around the world have found themselves essentially evicted from their buildings. Pastors and congregations have scrambled to create meaningful worship experiences while everyone across the U.S. shelters in place. When restrictions gradually lift, will we be ready to live as the church in the period after shelter in place and before the eventual return to our church buildings for large gatherings? The church has never been a building or a service. The church has never fit onto a single stage or into a single hour. Now more than ever, we must remember that WE ARE THE CHURCH. We have a unique opportunity in the coming months to live in a vibrant form of church life, but only if we embrace the restraints that will have us meeting in smaller groups from house to house. Will we thrive like the early church, or languish as we unimaginatively wait for everything to go back to "normal"? Whether you are a pastor, small group leader, or church member, this short mini-book will help you think through the necessary adjustments we will all need to embrace in order to thrive in this season. Hopefully, we will learn some lasting lessons that will guide us for years to come.