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    Stews Cookbook: 120 Recipes for Easy and Aromatic Preparation With the Casserole

    StewsBraising is one of the most popular methods of making meat and vegetables buttery and tasty. It’s easy as pie and there isn’t much else to do other than chop up the ingredients and then close the casserole. The rest will be done by itself. Since vegetables can be stewed just as well as meat, the cookbook also offers something for vegetarians. You will find out which casserole is best and which meat can be braised well. In addition, you will receive a small guide to help you braise and a wide variety of pork, beef, poultry, game, lamb and vegetarian recipes. What can you expect in this book?PrefaceWhat can be braised particularly well?Which casserole is suitable?A little guide to proper braising120 recipespork meatbeefpoultryLambGame meatVegetarianLearn a lot of information and discover delicious recipe ideas.