• Children's

    The Warrens of Lotann (Trials of the Hopebreather Book #2)

    Sometimes, the only way out is through. Only a few days following his arrival in the magical world of Altharia, Alec Breen is caught in the middle of a storm of events that quickly whirls beyond his control. Plagued by crippling self-doubt and visited by terrifying visions, he struggles to understand his place in Altharia and the purpose for his presence there.  But time waits for no one. The Iridis Althar has been stolen, and Alec’s friends need his help to wrest the magical artifact away from Khubas the Betrayer… before it is too late.  The path forward leads to the impenetrable Warrens of Lotann, a mystical jungle labyrinth where the only way out is through. Can Alec and his companions do the impossible and solve the puzzle of the Warrens? Can they find the hidden way to Dakmerra?  And, of most concern to Alec, can they possibly hope to survive the ordeal? ★★★★★ “Awesome read! Loved the first two books in this series. Can’t wait until the next book is published. Great storyline makes it very hard to put down.” – Amazon reviewer Read more
  • Children's

    Door to Altharia (Trials of the Hopebreather Book #1)

    A broken youth. A world on the brink. A chance to become something more… … And all he has to do is bet his life. Fourteen year-old Alec Breen yearns to rise above the wreckage of his broken family. When two otherworldly beings plead with him to come to their mysterious realm, Alec must choose between the life he’s always hated and a future where nothing is certain, not even his own survival. But timing is everything, even worlds away. Unfortunately for Alec, an ancient and insatiable evil has awakened, casting its insidious shadow across Altharia. Will Alec survive long enough to find the new life he’s looking for? Or will Khubas the Betrayer and his Kashani hordes conquer all? Don’t miss “Door to Altharia,” the first of the Trials of the Hopebreather series by Martyn McGrath. If you like fantastic worlds, fascinating magic, and thrilling battles then this epic fantasy will have you turning the pages! Come, check it out! ★★★★★ “Suspenseful and imaginative!” – Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ “The world-building was incredible!” – Amazon reviewer ★★★★★ “First clean fantasy book I’ve seen that’s good for all ages!” – Amazon reviewer Read more