• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Stranger: A LGBT Contemporary Fairy Tale

    A f/f (LGBT) short story with contemporary characters and a magical realism twist. Barb has long held onto her feelings of romance for her good friend Greta, but Greta can’t get over her feelings for her possibly deceased husband who went to war many years ago. Then ‘The Stranger’ meanders into their small mountain town of Baylor. Everything starts to change and no one realizes it’s ‘The Stranger’ causing such oddities to occur. Barb and Greta are about to confront their feelings for each other. Old neighbors, Harold and Seth will have to take a better look at the details of their long-held argument. And Evie will have to choose a suitor; the dashing Bill or kind-hearted Mike. The Stranger moves into town like a quiet shadow, and when he leaves no one will ever be the same.