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    A Lancaster Love: An Amish Romance Series

    A LANCASTER LOVE, THE COMPLETE 5-BOOK AMISH ROMANCE SERIES, IS $4.99 TO OWN AND AVAILABLE ON KU! Eve Miller left her Amish home and built a thriving business in the English world, but she is haunted by loneliness and regret. When her father’s funeral compels Eve to return home, her childhood sweetheart rekindles their romance. When her handsome first love tells Eve that his feelings haven’t changed, she’s tempted to sell her plant nursery and return to her Amish past.But Eve’s new business partner, a charming chef from Ireland, soon gives her a compelling reason to stay grounded in the present. He brings laughter and healing back into her life, and when he makes it clear that he wants to pursue a relationship, Eve is torn between two men, and two very different worlds.Can a woman who believes God has forsaken her find Him again? And if she does find God, will it be as an Amish woman―or will she find a new love, a new faith and a new life in the English world? “I know you’re being honest, Ebie. And I don’t expect you to be the girl who once met me here. “But under all the English clothes and the money and the busyness, I think you still have the same heart,” Noah went on. “It’s true, time has passed. You’re a woman now. But I still see the girl I fell in love with, in your eyes.” Read more