• Historical Fiction

    The Silver Flask (Hunter Tales)

    When evil takes you by surprise, sometimes all you can do is run. Arl is a cloth merchant, far from home and stuck in the most powerful winter storm to ever strike the area. With no known shelter nearby, he willingly accepts the aid of a man who comes across him in the wilderness and offers a place to rest. Now Arl finds himself holed up in a prison made for evils long thought to be legend in the wider world, and guarded by the ancient order that hunts them down. But this order has a bigger concern than the cloth merchant who doesn’t belong – the great Wolf is loose, and he is coming. The Silver Flask is the exciting prequel to The Darkest Heart series, featuring magical action, fantastic creatures, and engaging characters. If you enjoy deep lore and expansive worlds, then you’ll love S. A. Maus latest addition to the Archestrie. Unlock The Silver Flask today to begin the journey into Aarde’s darkest hour.