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    The Ultimate Guide to Ecommerce Software: Everything You Need to Start an Online Business

    The start your own business bug can be incredibly easy to catch. One more needless traffic jam on your evening commute or another bad day at the office, and it’s easy to wonder if you couldn’t just build your own business instead. Scratching that itch is easy if you start an online business. Unlike real-world stores, here’s no storefront to rent and no sign to hang—all you’ll need is a free afternoon, something to sell, and perhaps $30 or less. You could start without a dedicated online store of your own yet. Perhaps you’d like to sell your products on the internet’s equivalent of a superstore or flea market, like Amazon or eBay. Maybe your product isn’t done yet, and you need pre-orders from an app like Kickstarter. You might just want to sell one product, and only need a simple checkout experience for it, or you may want to build your own full-featured online store. It’s not that hard. Starting a full-fledged online business selling things, however, is a far more difficult thing. You’ll need a name for your company, funds to get your business off the ground and running, and, perhaps, a business plan and formal legal structure. Whether you want to sell a few things occasionally or a lot of things regularly, this is the book for you. It will walk you through the questions you need to answer and the boxes you need to check before starting a business. Then, it’ll help you pick out eCommerce software, walk you through setting it up, and leave you with tips-and-tricks to make the most of your store. It’s the perfect guide to getting your own special corner of the internet to stake your claim with your own business. You’re in for a fun ride. *** What Others Say About Zapier’s Books: – “Simple and Clear.” ~Sami Al-Maqtari on Zapier’s An Introduction to APIs– “…a tremendous amount of quality information in this book” ~Steve Pickering on Zapier’s Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing Apps– “Fantastically written book.” ~Michael Wojcicki on Zapier’s Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets– “This is an amazing little book… that keeps you from reinventing the wheel.” ~Tyler Forge on Zapier’s Ultimate Guide to Project Management– “Definitely something for your team to read.” ~Christopher Brisson on Zapier’s Ultimate Guide to Customer Support– “It was really helpful to inspire our company’s processes.” ~Alejandro Rodriguez on Zapier’s Ultimate Guide to Remote Work