• Young Adult

    Theo and the Secret of Elshon (Book of Theo 2)

    Theo’s secret is out: he knows the forbidden language of reading and writing. Which means the entire empire is out for his blood. His only hope lies in finding the fabled Library of Elshon, but to do so he will need the help of the land’s most notorious and feared exile… “One of my favorite reads of 2021.” – Amazon customer “This book will keep you wanting more! I loved it!” – Amazon customer In the sequel to the award-winning “Theo and the Forbidden Language”, Theo, Brune, and the warrior princess Indigo must find the infamous and feared muskrat, Orjo the Terrible. For only he knows the whereabouts of the legendary Elshon, a lost library in a land where reading and writing are punishable by death. At Elshon, Theo hopes to find the cure to Pacification—the empire’s power to make animals mute and mindless. But can they find the Library and its hidden powers before Theo’s enemy, the vengeful human warlord Ornox, hunts them down? Can they even trust the notoriously conniving Orjo? It’s a race against time and overwhelming odds as Theo and his team must test their friendship, courage, and wits to uncover the secret to defeating the empire. For fans of Redwall, the Chronicles of Narnia and Watership Down comes a fantasy adventure about faith, self-acceptance, and the power of the written word. Read more