• Romance

    The Warrior’s Salvation: An Ancient Historical Romance Novel (Warriors of Eriu Book 1)

    Jeoffrey is done with war and women. Both only leave disaster in their wake. A warrior by birth, all he wants is a new start at a peaceful life, forgetting the horrors of his past. But some wounds never heal, especially those caused by a red-haired lass who haunts his dreams and fuels his nightmares. When that very lass turns up in his village badly beaten and holding a child, his nightmares become a reality. She may be the last person he ever wished to see again, but now she is staying in his home, consuming his life. Honor forces him to help her recover but prides demands he keeps his distance. Some secrets go to the grave, and Clarice has enough to fill her own. But she isn’t prepared to face death yet. When a violent man forces her into marriage, she risks all to save her and her son, never expecting her journey to bring her back to Jeoffrey. Her love for him is just as strong as ever, as is his hate for her. His terms are clear. He will care for her, then he will send her away. But, nothing stays buried forever and when truths are revealed, Jeoffrey may discover that Clarice, and forgiveness, can be the best salvation of all. Romance rated 18+ due to some adult content Read more