• Horror

    The Vanguards of Scion: Part 1: The Servant’s Blade (The Flow of Blood and Fealty)

    Power corrupts absolutely. The Vanguards of Scion is a dark epic fantasy story about five characters who are given great powers by dark beings from another dimension. We follow the five as they move through the East Realm and soon discover their powers have unimaginably horrid costs and the stakes keep stacking against them as the world they once knew begins to change forever because of their own mistakes. Michael E. Thom wrote the story inspired by the characters from his D&D game and the players within it. He also got inspiration from Quentin Tarantino films, Clive Barker and Stephen King stories. "DRAGONLANCE ON METH"-⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Amazon review A SAVANT CREATES SCION, A POCKET DIMENSION FOR HARVESTING THE MOST POWERFUL MAGIC IN THE UNIVERSE, BUT IT IS DYING. THE KING OF SCION SETS HIS SIGHTS ON A NEW WORLD TO RESIDE, BUT HE MUST FIND FOLLOWERS TO WEAKEN ITS KINGDOMS FOR HIS INVASION A failed knight, a petite foul-mouthed assassin, an outcast witch, an alchemist who seeks validation & a huntress desperate to save her dying sister. All are met with a proposition to change their lives forever but at what cost? The five begin on separate paths across the world but their fates collide as some are visited by the King of Scion and given unworldly powers in exchange for servitude as vanguards to usher in his invasion. Some soon discover that great power is not worth the price of the bloodshed it bestows, but others embrace it straight into villainy. Ivanos Jorganaut- once a great champion knight in his now fallen and forgotten Kingdom of Ironwood. He traveled the roads of the East Realm for many years on the back of his only beloved friend Velvet, a warhorse. Over the years he has shifted between many freelance mercenary jobs and temporary farm jobs to feed himself and Velvet, all the while seeking redemption for his failure as a knight. A visit from the King of Scion changes his destiny in ways he could have never dreamed of. Emmanora Cerahal- the feisty, foul-mouthed, rogue assassin who trained from childhood with her family in the Spiders on the Wind, an elite assassin group. She is a loner now, having abandoned the Spiders, living a life as a loner assassin. Her secluded home is discovered and attacked by pirates. She goes after them only to have her fate take a turn with a visit from the King of Scion. Vendronia- a strange young woman with scarlet red skin who has been raised by the trog, a giant race of humans from the Caribou Valley. Having been raised by Ona, the Crone Mother, Vendronia has tried to find her role serving the Witchgods. She struggles to find her place in their ranks and gain acceptance among their people. The King of Scion intervenes in her life and changes her situation forever. Kazimir ‘the touched’ Drajor- a dark skinned Belazonian alchemist who struggles to obtain respect from his colleagues in the Hall of Alchemy. Unfortunately, his illusions blunder often, and he has trouble trying to teach a class of alchemist initiate students without inciting their laughter. He is determined to prove his value by making the next great discovery and adding his name to the archives of the Hall of Alchemy Alumni Elite. Aeile Melicah- a huntress on a desperate mission to find a rare flower that is said to be the only thing that will save her young sister from her necrotic disease. She finds her journey averted when she is attacked and then infected by a stranger with an unworldly disease that changes the moral barriers of her soul forever.