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    Miss Ceecee’s Mathematical Riddles

    OVER 100 RIDDLES AND PROBLEMS WITH SOLUTIONS AND EXPLANATIONS!In this installment of Miss CeeCee’s Books for smart kids, we will take a journey into the world of mathematics. The book contains riddles, puzzles, problems, trivia, and smart tips to expand your mathematical knowledge and skills.The book is divided into these chapters: Easy, Medium, and Hard riddles, Classical riddles, Impossible riddles, Puns, Jokes, and Tricky riddles and is finished off with some Mathematical trivia.The book has an interactive element where the reader can track their perceived difficulty, and contains challenges and solutions with explanations, so you do not have to spend time wondering why certain answers should make sense. Please be aware. the E-book version of this book does not contain interactive illustrations and the ability to track your progress. This book was designed to be written into and drawn on, hence loses a part of its magic if used as an e-book. If you liked this book keep a lookout for the next installments in the series and visit the website for more content and a chance to write Miss CeeCee directly! She always replies as soon as she can! https://missceeceelearning.com ————————————— Miss CeeCee is a passionate teacher whose life goal is to spread the joy of learning among children and adults alike. Her specialty is anything STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) related, along with puzzles, riddles, and everything that gets the brain working. She has a lot of friends who will help you on the journey of learning as you work yourself through her books. This series is excellent for all children and adults who want to spend their time meaningfully learning, expanding their horizons, and growing towards a higher understanding of the world around us. The series is aimed at children of ages 8 to 12 but can be recommended to older children and adults as well. Feel free to visit https://missceeceelearning.com/ for more content! Read more