• Young Adult

    Meet Me At the Gym: a Sweet Young Adult Sports Romance

    Gymnastics is Riley’s life, until she becomes stranded with her best friend’s brother in a storm… Every leap, every flip, brings me closer to my ultimate goal—the Olympics. Nothing can distract me. I’m focused and determined. There’s no room for romance in my life, especially when it comes in the form of Russ, my best friend’s brooding nineteen-year-old brother. Between balancing school, homework, and hours at the gym, I barely have time to breathe, let alone think about love. Russ and I couldn’t be more different. He’s moody, mysterious, and forbidden. I know we can’t be together, not just because he’s my best friend’s brother, but also because I’m still in high school and my dreams of the Olympics consume my every thought. So why can’t I shake this undeniable pull towards him? Am I missing out? “Meet Me at the Gym” takes you on an enchanting journey, the second book in the captivating Arrowsmith High series. MJ Ray weaves a sweet YA romance that explores forbidden love, introduces a brooding older guy, and a determined heroine who’s not afraid to chase her dreams. If you crave a coming of age story filled with forbidden attraction and determination this book is a perfect fit for you. Don’t miss out on “Meet Me at the Gym,” a heartfelt YA romance that will have you rooting for love against all odds. Read more
  • Young Adult

    Meet Me At the Bus Stop: a Sweet Young Adult Romance

    ★ Looking for a Sweet Young Adult Romance suitable for ages 13 and over? Look no further! ★ MJ Ray captures the feelings of high school and all the dramas that go with it! One reader says; Liam and Rosie’s journey may have started out one way but it turned into something so much more. The connection between them was strong, they were good together.I enjoyed this story Another reader; I really liked this book! The characters are written so well and it has a good story line. Looking forward to reading more books by this author. She just wanted to be invisible for once . . . He needed to up his game or he wasn’t gonna graduate. He could help her in a way she never even knew she needed . . . Rosie has had enough high school drama to last her a lifetime. Bullied by the mean girls at her previous school she hopes the new school will be different. After all, this is a chance for her to start fresh and become whoever she wants to be. And though she isn’t confident in her looks, she knows that her brilliant mind can be an asset in her new life.However, her goals begin to shift when she meets Liam, the most popular boy at her school, but someone with a bad reputation… Liam has spent his school career feeling misunderstood. With a hard outer shell, he spends his days in detention and getting into trouble. But he knows that he needs to improve his reputation in order to graduate. And what better way to do that than asking out the new girl?Liam asks Rosie to form an alliance and pretend to be his girlfriend. For her, it’s a chance at being the one thing she wasn’t at her old school: popular. And for him, it’s a way to gain the trust and admiration of his teachers. But what begins as a simple arrangement becomes something much more complicated… As the first in its series, MJ Ray’s “Meet Me at the Bus Stop” serves as a lovely and exciting introduction to charismatic characters and an intriguing story. For those looking for a sweet young adult romance, this is the perfect novel. Book 1 in The Arrowsmith High series. Can be read as standalone. A sweet Young Adult novel suitable for ages 13 to any age!