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    Chubby Wubbles: A Ferret’s Tale

    “Chubby Wubbles: A Ferret’s Tale” finished 2nd Place in the Pacific Book Award Best Children’s book age 6 and older. It also received The Gold Seal of Literary Excellence Chubby Wubbles is a heartfelt story about the friendship between a young man and a loving ferret determined to find his missing playmate Coco. There is fun, mystery, and unexpected drama in their exciting adventures together. This book is dedicated to ferret shelters everywhere. Their hard work and dedication to finding good homes for wayward ferrets is appreciated throughout their communities. Visit www.chubbywubbles.comto see more actual photos of Chubby “Heart Warming as well as educational, This wonderful furry tale has all the essential elements to make it a childhood classic. Abrams has incorporated a number of components that make it truly exceptional.” The delightful photographs and captivating text impart lessons about the responsibilities of good pet ownership. This children’s book is highly recommended.”– The US Review of Books Chubby Wubbles by M. J. Abrams is a really fascinating book and I, therefore, rate it 4 out of 4 stars. The plot is well narrated and the author does a great job in eliminating any areas of the storyline that would breed confusion in a young reader’s mind. The book is written in a simple but impactful language and includes enough emotional suspense that will build and sustain the reader’s interest for them to keep reading the book. – Onlinebookclub.org Photographs of the young, doe-eyed ferret and his environs are prominently displayed on each page, making for a fun “aww!” factor for children. The story flows at a good pace, and the writing is very descriptive, with a lot of action and active words. Children will identify with the young ferret’s wonder at the world, innocence, and unbridled curiosity, which lead him into potential disaster. Jeffrey is a kind caretaker who, by his actions, shows how much Chubby means to him, so it’s a mutually beneficial relationship. – Clarion Review –This text refers to the paperback edition. Read more