• Horror

    Ulysses Exposed: A Dark Urban Fantasy (Blaire Thorne Book 1)

    Secrets always reveal themselves. As I discover more of who I am, I realize I may be the monster everyone warned me about… I should have died. Instead, I wake with strangers beside me in an unknown place and healed from my near-fatal wounds.  They say I have no powers, that I’m only human. But I have amnesia and no longer able to mask who I truly am and now everybody knows what I am.  I’m no longer safe. Can I trust the vampire who saved my life? And can the were-leopard tasked with helping me understand my past, accept me for who I really am before the threat returns to finish what they started? Ulysses Exposed is a dark adult urban fantasy with a hint of romance. Fans of True Blood will be transported into a new world where nothing is as it seems. Reader discretion is advised, recommended ages 17+ due to language and sexual content. Other books in the Blaire Thorne series: Ulysses Exposed – Book 1: B07VR5LJXW (heat level: 1 out of 5) Voodoo Priest – Book 2: B07ZG2DTFX (heat level: 3 out of 5) Butterflies and Hurricanes – Book 3: B082BJFSZL (heat level: 3 out of 5) Salvation – Book 4: B0829SR487 (heat level: 3 out of 5) Underworld Legacy – Book 5: B08J1FNZ1M (heat level: 3 out of 5)  If you enjoy reading books from Ilona Andrews, Bella Forrest, Laurell K. Hamilton, K.F. Breene, J.R. Ward, or Shannon Mayer, you won’t be able to put down the highly addictive Blaire Thorne Series. What readers are saying: ★★★★★ ‘I have to admit it kept me reading!!’ ★★★★★ ‘I did not want to put this book down and when it did come to the ending I was just disappointed because I wanted more.’ ★★★★ ‘This was a fun thriller with a bit of romance. A very small bit. There is a fair amount of swearing and one somewhat explicit scene. The chemistry between Blaire and Sebastian is a slow burn which is somewhat refreshing. I like how their relationship is developing. I’m interested to see what happens in the next book.’ Read more
  • Paranormal

    Wolf Retreat: A Paranormal Romance with Bite! (Shifter Days, Vampire Nights & Demons in between Book 1)

    Two problems, one retreat Carmen’s problem: Her pack’s about to be destroyed by a rogue pack intent on claiming all their females. Their only recourse? To attend a retreat where alphas meet their forever mate. They’re hoping to find an alpha who would protect them from danger. Shawn’s problem: After three years, he still hadn’t found his fated mate. When a friend suggested a Wolf Retreat, it piqued his interest enough to attend. Hopefully, one female stirred his inner beast into claiming her, or doom him to loneliness with the possibility of losing his pack. The retreat: When Shawn saw Carmen, the dark-haired beauty with bright green eyes, sparks flew. He knew she was the one and would do everything in his power to protect her, even if it meant fighting to the death. Wolf Retreat is a stand-alone HEA shifter romance featuring characters from the Blaire Thorne universe. Read more