• Historical Fiction

    In Search of the Cannibal King

    It all began when Nanine laid eyes on an old newspaper article titled Yankee Cannibal King… Nanine’s quest to learn the true story that inspired the fantastical article led her on a global adventure, eventually landing her on the Marquesas Islands. On her journey, she discovered missionary descendants and oral storytellers. Each discovery brought her closer to John Rumell’s life and decision to live in a culture that practiced cannibalism and engaged in tribal wars. Had it been his love for a native princess that led Rumell to leave the Western world and subject himself to painful tribal tattooing, or another reason? After sixty years of investigating detailed letters, diaries, and eyewitness accounts that revealed her ancestor’s life among savages, Nanine is ready to share this incredible story. Experience the nearly unchanged French Polynesia Islands Nanine researched to bring readers the incredible tale of the Cannibal King. Read more