• Paranormal

    No Rest for the Wicked (Life Is Hell Book 1)

    All I wanted was a break.No more killing. No more vengeance.I thought peace was within my grasp… I’m Delilah Hawthorne, vengeance demon, tired of killing, and in dire need of a vacation.I thought I’d found peace in the tiny town of Juniper Lake, but apparently fate has other plans.Between three conniving witches hellbent on murder, and a hot, but nosy sheriff who needs to mind his own business, it looks like the old saying is true – there really is no rest for the wicked. Life is Hell SeriesNo Rest for the WickedHell Hath No FuryHell in A HandbasketSure As Hell House Valdis seriesHouse Valdis Origins: XenobiaThe Rise of House ValdisIt Comes From Within Read more
  • Horror

    House Valdis Origins: Xenobia

    Raised in a society that treats women like cattle, Xenobia does her best to fly under the radar and not bring attention to herself. She obeys the rules, and she doesn’t get attached to people – until Urd. After a man with extreme sadistic tendencies buys her and her best friend Urd, Xen lays awake at night planning their escape. When Urd overhears their Master’s ultimate plan for them, even though they aren’t prepared, the girls have no choice but to run, hoping to find the underground movement and get to safety. While on the run for their lives, Xen learns that the price of rebellion is steep. *This short story takes place before the first House Valdis novel – The Rise of House Valdis.