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    Abiding Daily: A Devotional on the Beatitudes

    If you’re weary of merely acting like a Christian, get ready to start living like one—by abiding at the feet of Christ. Jesus invites each of us into a new and better way of life, but His way turns human logic on its head. When you abide in Him, sorrow turns to joy, brokenness leads to vitality, and suffering brings glory. Nate Sweeney, Directional Leader of Catalyst Church in Bentonville, Arkansas, and Founder and Directional Leader of The Abiding Network, is passionate about seeing people come to Christ and live in relationship with Him. In this substantive ten-day devotional, Nate will encourage you to draw closer to Jesus and center your life more fully on Him as you learn about and reflect on the biblical Beatitudes from His powerful Sermon on the Mount. Abiding Daily serves as both an introduction and a companion to Nate’s book Abiding at the Feet of Jesus: A Study on the Beatitudes. Both this devotional and the in-depth study provide biblically grounded guidance in finding the direction you need to walk in true discipleship. If you are ready to trade in the exhausting pursuit of an easy life for the soul rest Jesus offers, Abiding Daily will help you discover and experience the power that launched the gospel—the power of abiding in Christ.