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    Crochet World !!!: Hook Into the Crochet Fashion Scenedesigns You Could Make Yourself

    Who knew crochet could look this good? Long before I started working for Interweave Crochet, I admired its ability to translate crochet into garments I couldn’t wait to wear while teaching new techniques and featuring the work of the most talented crochet designers. It has always been the magazine that made me think, Th is is why I crochet.My favorite part of this job is looking through design submissions. I’m constantly blown away by the incred-ible work submitted to our magazine. Not only is the work beautiful, but the techniques used to produce it are fascinating—I often fi nd myself reading articles and patterns as soon as they come in because I have to know how a certain stitch is worked or a certain garment is assembled. Th en I can’t wait to share those secrets with all of you.Th is issue features tapestry crochet—a lot of it. If it’s a technique you’ve never tried, now is your chance! We’ve added sewing to crochet in this issue. We’ve added embroi-dery to crochet. We have elongated stitches and crochet stitches that use a knitting needle. We have projects that will teach you something new, inspire you, and make you love crochet even more. Be sure to follow along online at www.interweave.com, where we’ll have more stitch tutorials and articles we couldn’t fi t in these pages. A huge thank-you to Leanne Hanson and Russell Oakley for letting us take over their beautiful property (originally homesteaded in the early 1900s) to photograph the Way Out West projects and to Fort Collins Nursery and Bath Nursery for sharing your greenery with us and setting the stage for our botanical story. Th ank you to our incredible designers and the stellar Interweave team, and thank you—our readers—most of all. I hope you’ll love reading this issue as much as we have loved making it.Happy stitching!