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    Gods of the Green Moon

    Hob settled down into his favourite armchair and blew the steam from a hot mug of herbal tea. ‘So,’ the old druid said to the boy, ‘what’s this book about then?’Sebastian Farmer was a fairly normal schoolboy from Cornwall in South West England, the son of a farmer and definitely more used to playing video games or doing chores for his dad than talking about himself.‘Well,’ he replied, slightly embarrassed. ‘It’s about me, I suppose.’ Hob looked at him. ‘That’s not very helpful, Seb. We are trying to describe the plot of the book for our friends, so perhaps you could furnish them with a bit more detail?’‘Alright – the book is about how I discovered that I have secret powers, and the time I was kidnapped and forced to threaten the planet with environmental catastrophe by an evil, rogue druid. It’s a fast-paced, action adventure story that will appeal to all ages, but especially young adults who love a good read.’‘Oh yes, that’s much better. Anything else our friends should know?’‘Well, you’re in it, and my friends Isaac and Eva too. And my parents, who it turns out are much cooler and more mysterious than I thought.’‘All parents are, my boy. Well that sounds terrific. Do you think you’ve done enough to convince anyone to buy the book with this description?’‘I don’t know, I’ve never done it before,’ replied the boy. ‘Maybe.’ Read more