• Horror

    The Order of Dust (For Humans, For Demons Book 1)

    CONSTANTINE meets DEVIL MAY CRY in this gritty afterlife revenge story. 

Jackson Crowe is dead. 

Or at least he was. After his death, he awakens in the North-Lane and finds himself at the crossroads of life and the beyond. The higher beings give him a choice: move on through the North-Lane and into the universe to his next chapter, or return to earth and claim vengeance. 

Choosing revenge, Jackson becomes known as the Order of Dust and is tasked with hunting those who take possession of human bodies. Jackson, both grizzled and pained, looks to find who took his life and the life of his love. 

To do this, he will need his two pistols: one for humans, and one for demons. 

 The FOR HUMANS, FOR DEMONS SERIES in order: 1. The Order of Dust 2. Wing-Clipper Read more