• Young Adult

    Shadow: a Military Space Opera Series

    An alien invasion. A planet on its knees. Does one thief have what it takes to turn soldier and save the world? Zona Nox, 3555. James Terrin and his gang of thieves love dominating the war-ravaged streets of his backwater planet. He and his fiercely loyal crew are virtually untouchable as they battle rival gangs, dodge the military police, and escape vicious raiders. But when violent extraterrestrials invade and kill his gang, all James has left is his burning desire for revenge… Setting aside his former rivalries, James finds himself fighting alongside men he used to despise as his street-wise survival skills clash with the rule-bound corps. While he questions his decision to enlist, his focus remains on a single-minded mission: kill as many aliens as possible. Can James lead a rag-tag unit against galactic invaders, or will his unorthodox methods end in another bloody massacre? Shadow: Warpmancer Book One is the first book in an expansive, action-packed space opera series. If you like gritty heroes, bloody clashes, and futuristic worlds, then you’ll love Nicholas Woode-Smith’s gripping saga. Buy Shadow: Warpmancer Book One to take interplanetary war to the streets today!