• Young Adult

    Grim Girl: A reaper’s tale (Reaper Files Book 1)

    Death is complicated. Avoiding dead people is impossible, especially since I discovered I’m destined to become a reaper. Now I must enter a terrifying new world where reapers, vampires, and demons exist. Drawn to a reaper who is as handsome as he is unreachable, he assigns me to a trainer who has the initiative of an overfed hamster. My inept trainer is content to watch me catastrophically fail. Repeatedly. And that’s not the worst of it. To follow my destiny, I must die. My trainer is okay with that. I am not. However, when the Grim Reaper curses me to strip me of my birthright, suddenly death isn’t my only fear. If you like action packed books filled with enthralling characters, a deadly plot, humorous encounters, a gorgeous reaper, a hungry vampire, and enough twists to keep the pages turning, read Grim Girl. Read more