• Sci-Fi & Fantasy

    The Mind Witch: An urban fantasy romance serial (The Magi Series Book 1)

    A wayward seeress. An arrogant wizard. A mysterious box that just might be Pandora’s—and contain a secret the fae world has been seeking for hundreds of years. My plan was simple and…mostly ordinary. Finish my PhD. Teach Celtic mythology in a tiny college town. Stop hearing the thoughts and feelings of every person I happen meet. As a wayward seer just coming into her powers, I couldn’t avoid the last one. But the first two were just within my reach when sorcerer-particle physicist Jonathan Lynch appeared one chilly winter morning along two other shocks: The death of my grandmother, the most powerful seer in a generation;And the mysterious box she protected, which just might have belonged to Pandora. Suddenly I was tangled in a secret that had been unraveling for years, and my unruly talents and complicated inheritance were at the heart of it all. Ordinary life would have to wait. The extraordinary was coming for me after all. ______________________________________________ A hot debut series in the tradition of Deborah Harkness, Diana Gabaldon, and Anne Rice weaves magic, scholarship, and romance for readers who crave a little adventure. Mind the cliff, but not to worry. Part two is coming in just a few weeks!