• Romance

    Saving Shelby: A second chance at love romance (sexy and sweet) (West Coast Romance Book 1)

    She was done with men… …but there was a very sexy complication. After Shelby Reid’s marriage collapses, leaving her a single mom, she is determined to make a better life for herself and her kids. Step 1: Swear off men. Step 2: Chase her dream of becoming a wilderness guide. Her plan works until on a drunken night out with her friend, she accidentally signs up for a Survival Course and finds herself stuck in the woods with sinfully hot survival instructor Ian McLean. The attraction is instant and mutual. At least Shelby thinks it is. Ian seems a little distracted. He isn’t the only one. With her libido ignoring her no men policy, Shelby struggles to learn the survival techniques and resist her burgeoning attraction to him. When Ian’s recklessness collides with Shelby’s reluctance to depend on a man, it puts their hearts and her life in danger. Can Shelby find the strength to trust Ian before it’s too late? AUTHORS NOTE: Saving Shelbyis a single mom romance with a happily-ever-after, a hint of danger, and a second chance at finding love. It can be read as a standalone novel but is best enjoyed within the West Coast Romance Series. Read more