• Horror

    Whisper in the Rain (Paranormal Peacekeepers Book 1)

    You can either hide in the shadows… or let someone pull you into the light. No matter where she goes, Grace Wildstone is a pariah. Between flitting from foster home to foster home and trying to keep the voices at bay, she’s exhausted. Keeping her secrets buried is a full time job, one she’s been shouldering alone for far too long. Miles O’Fallon may be many things, but calloused is not one of them. When Grace becomes the target of a twisted classmate, he’s compelled to intervene. Little does he know, the girl he’s helping has a gift that will tip his world on its axis. When this unexpected high school romance blossoms to life, Miles and Grace are sure they can overcome anything life throws their way…But it’s not life they have to worry about.It’s the dead. Whisper in the Rain: Book One in the Paranormal Peacekeepers Series. Read more