• Romance

    The Moment We Knew: Aria & Hunter (Bliss Cove Book 1)

    Fleeing a bad relationship (lately the story of her life), broken-hearted Aria Prescott returns to the only place she can heal…and rescue a few orphaned cats. Though she knew starting over would be tough, the last thing Aria expects is an all-out turf war with the enigmatic property developer carving a determined path of his own—right through her brand new business, located in the most colorfully “historic” (aka rundown) parts of her hometown. For Hunter Armstrong, the billion-dollar deal he’s been finalizing in the (admittedly one-of-a-kind) coastal town of Bliss Cove wasn’t supposed to have any complications. He certainly wasn’t counting on locking horns with a feisty local sweetheart, her army of cats, and her two nosy sisters. Ruthless by necessity, Hunter isn’t accustomed to losing—not in business, and definitely not when it comes to his (normally) well-guarded heart. This book was previously published under the title Love Walks In — same swoony, emotional small town love story, just with a fresh new title and cover. * * * * * Heart-grabbing small town love stories with uniquely imperfect couples and hard-fought ever afters. Binge the entire Bliss Cove series today → BLISS COVE SISTERS– The Moment We Knew (Aria & Hunter)– All We’ll Ever Need (Callie & Jake)– Everything We Haven’t Said (Rory & Grant) BLISS COVE BACHELORS– This Time With Her (Sam & Brooke)– Coming Home to Her (Lincoln & Grace)– It’ll Always Be Her (Adam & Bee) Read more