• Young Adult

    Viking: a Viking Historical Fiction Adventure

    A band of fierce Viking warriors. A battle with enemies on both sides. A young man just trying to survive. Ulv, a youth raised on a tiny farm far from the jarls and warriors, faces his first raid with trepidation. With no seafaring or fighting experience, he’s no warrior, no Viking. Yet he must prove himself to the Jarl and his crew. When disaster strikes, Ulv challenges a formidable warrior to a duel as his only means of escape. Against all odds, he must defeat an opponent twice his size if he is to survive. But survival seems unlikely, and victory even more so. Can Ulv rise from obscurity and earn honour in the eyes of the Jarl, or is he doomed to a life of enslavement? Viking’ heralds the start of the ‘Viking Ventures’ series, a gritty Viking historical fiction saga. For those who enjoy underdog stories with intense action, fierce battles and authentic characters in an unforgiving world, Åsli and Bakkjord’s latest instalment is a must-read. Pick up Viking today and immerse yourself in a gripping saga of honour, survival and Viking prowess that will keep you on the edge of your seat from cover to cover. Read more
  • Horror

    An Assassin’s Fall: a Grimdark High Fantasy Story

    When assassins don’t abide by the rules – they suffer the consequences. Elven assassins are trained to perform their work with competence and expertise, without question or hesitation. When Gilmir enters the human city of Sandcastle and learns the truth about his next mark, he decides to change the rules. To make his own calls. To do his job in a way he feels comfortable with. And so, the trouble begins. A minor obstacle grows large and a single problem multiplies into many. Success is out of the question, as the routine job becomes a fight for his life. An Assassin’s Fall is a prequel to A Harvest of Broken Stars. It is a fast-paced grimdark high fantasy, with hidden agendas, elaborate schemes, potent magic and deadly swordplay.