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    Lulita the Starfish: Remember That You Are Unique and Important to the Universe. Childrens Self-esteem

    Action and adventure story for children, which helps to strongly raise the level of children’s self-esteem, inviting them to know the heavenly world of God and above all to know oneself. This story is for all ages but if an age range is to set, this fits preferably from 6-12 years old.Lulita feels lonely, her parents work almost all the time. They explain to Lulita that they love her, but she wants more attention. As time goes by, she begins to look at the stars in the sky and imagines shining as one of them to feel beautiful and important. She thought that if dressing in light like a heavenly star, she would get her parents to pay more attention to her.How will I get to heaven if I don’t fly? she asks herself everyday, until the answer of a superior being came into her being.She now knows she will be able to reach heaven through a huge boulder that comes out of the sea and seems to touch the heavenly stars. Then one night she decides to undertake the long journey that will lead her to know heavenly God and especially herself.Children’s story based in the seas of Peru. Each page leaves all kinds of messages that support the personal development of children, such as: Fighting for your dreams, knowing that you are unique and the importance and knowing the infinite world of God. Read more