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    Maui Beach Vegan™ Cooks Up 31 Island Inspired Gluten-free, Plant-based, Vegan Recipes for the Holidays: an Allergy-friendly Cookbook for This Party Season!

    This could be your next favorite cookbook! Maui Beach Vegan cooks up 31 recipes for your Holiday fun! In our family, we just love to eat, and we love to cook! I love beautiful cookbooks with great recipes! I also LOVE great cuisine, and I believe that vegetables should be inventive and fun, cozy and inviting, colorful and delicious! Enjoy… Gluten-Free, Plant-Based and Vegan Recipes Wine Pairings Comfort Food Fresh and Organic Soy Free Join us on this culinary adventure from Maui! I use exclamation points a lot, and use the word AWESOME, because I’m excited and passionate about Life, Family, Friends, and Food. This cookbook has been a labor of true Love. When I can, I will not use oil or sugar, and I try to avoid using anything from a can, or an ingredient that has been boxed. I like all food to be fresh. As a Lupus patient, I have found that with my plant-based diet, my symptoms are minimal. Although I am currently in a flare, my kidneys are making a comeback from my plant-based eating and exercise. I really want to share some great recipes with the world, so that everyone can have some inspiration in their kitchens. Whether you have an illness, or strive to lead a healthier lifestyle, cooking vegetables doesn’t have to be boring or daunting. When I see people with health issues or allergies at a dinner party, they either eat food that isn’t good for them, or they don’t eat anything at all, and then the dinner party becomes all about their illness, instead about getting together and having a good time. With my love of food and wine, I have also added wine pairings for most of these recipes! How fun is that?! Check out my blog for more recipes and demonstrations. We also like to share our favorite places to eat and grab your fresh, organic produce when you come to Maui.4 You don’t have to be vegan to cook great vegan food. I cook everything, and I just want everyone to come over to our house, and have a great time! We hope that you do, too!